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Signatures for We, the undersigned, call for MP Caroline Nokes of Romsey and Southampton North constituency to resign for a by-election to be held due to her misconduct by breaking promises she made in parliament

ID First Name Last Name Comments Location
1 JessicaPoppe   Coventry
2 RuthMiles    
3 EmilyBird Caroline Nokes has disgraced her local constituency. It is the right of all those in the Romsey and Southampton North constituency to call for a by-election. North Baddesley
4 RachelBird    
5 Amy JoDavis   North Baddesley
6 SusanRoberts   Romsey
7 JessicaKnight Caroline Nokes has proved to be a lier and does not stick to what she says she believes in and I do not think that she is a good MP for our area. She was caught; she did not own up and her attitude is not up to the standard that I expect from a good MP. North Baddesley
8 AilsaRoberts Yes! Bring back Sandra. UK
9 RosiYoung To be fair, she probably held off telling people about the affair so she was entitled to a tax break for a while longer. Southampton, England.
10 LynBird Caroline promised to be transparent and vote with a Christian conscience protecting moral standards. When someone in leadership breaks your trust over something that important they should pay the consequences North Baddesley
11 HannahStreet Bring back Sandra, we dislike liars. Southampton
12 StaceyTrimble I don't want a cheat running my area Romsey
13 JamesBird I strongly support this petition. North Baddesley
14 AndrewWilliams Caroline Nokes claimed to be a loving wife and mother and part of a very happy family. In having an adulterous relationship with a man ten years her junior she has hattered this myth, betraying her constituents in the process. Chandlers Ford
15 BarneyJones   Romsey & Southampton North
16 MatthewGedye   Winchester
17 BrevanMiles   Romsey
18 SophieJones   ampfield
19 MargaretMiles Role model - really not! Romsey
20 IreneKnight She was so desperate to be an MP she was prepared to deceive the electorate. If she had any integrity she would resign. North Baddesley
21 SteveBrown appauling behaviour... wouldn't catch Sandra pulling tricks like that!! Romsey
22 EmmaCurtis An elected politician should be one who's more focused upon helping those who reside in the area than their own political career and media debuts. It's a waste of time and money to have her in power, and I'm not even in the constituency involved. Alresford
23 SarahHarley This is an outrage! And gives Christians a bad name. Completely wrong! She is a bad example for this country! England
24 SarahMurdoch-Smith   Romsey
25 DavidCoram You've saved me a job! Romsey